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Not all revenue streams are created equal.  At WPC, we talked about what partners are earning in gross margins across product, project services, managed services, and packaged IP.

I don’t know about you but I thought WPC 2015 was the best one yet. The energy and excitement was off the charts. I walked away from the event feeling as though the Microsoft partner ecosystem is transforming quickly

Do your customers trust the cloud? Moving information to the cloud requires trust. Your customers want to know that their data in the cloud is protected,

I would like to share an excerpt from my recent presentation at WPC that I am particularly excited about;that is the opportunity for partners to partner with each other to grow their business

Which sounds better to you: “Let me tell you about a bunch of really great solutions to make your life easier” or “Want to race?”

What steps do you need to take to successfully transition your business to the cloud?

Realize new revenue opportunities in the cloud. Industry experts expect the public IT cloud services industry to reach over US$127 billion by 2018*.

Partners have requested help in identifying how they can build a profitable business driving Microsoft cloud services, devices, and other products

I was just at WPC, and I heard over and over again the same challenge from software developers: customers request new features that will benefit only a few users, but fulfilling those requests means ditching their roadmap and spending less time on features with wider appeal.

You’ve done the hard work to transition to the cloud – now how do you build a sustainably profitable business once you’re there? I believe there are four key pillars of building an optimized cloud strategy

In my last blog, I shared a set of five “killer” key metrics aimed at helping you maximize the profitability of project services. However, we’re seeing more and more partners move toward a managed services business model

In my WPC session, Learn What Successful Cloud Partners Know about Building a Profitable Cloud Business and in my last blog I teed up four key pillars of building an optimized cloud strategy...