Why Customers Still Fear the Cloud — and How You Can Help

The IT industry is sold on the cloud. But your customers? Maybe not so much. On the industry side, suppliers, service providers, VARs and others have leapt onto the cloud bandwagon. And why not?

What’s the best way to help customers add Azure features?

Azure, of course, is Microsoft’s collection of integrated cloud services. These services include analytics, high-performance computing, database, mobile, networking and web.

Helping Customers Make the ‘Value Journey’ to the Cloud

Cloud-based product suites like Office 365 let users switch on multiple applications with new levels of ease and speed. But helping them get the most value isn’t always as fast or easy.

What your sales team needs to keep up with evolving customers

As the days of selling big one-size-fits-all project solutions dwindle, business decision makers are looking for tailored solutions that are specific to their industry and issues, and it’s important that sellers keep up with these changing buying patterns.

How to connect with IT buyers

Connecting with potential customers is challenging our industry's crowded marketplace. So many vendors, so many solutions: when it's time to purchase an IT solution, how does a prospect decide?