Recommended resources: three tools for increasing cloud profitability

Do you really know where you are on your cloud journey? With just a few questions, the SureStep Profitability Benchmark toolkit can help you determine your business’s current cloud performance and your cloud potential so you can move forward with confidence.

Recipe for partner success: ISV and VAR partners

Microsoft Partner Network partners Wise and Dynateam both operate in the Dynamics NAV space—usually more of a recipe for competition than cooperation. However, the combination works well for this particular pairing...

Helping Customers Make the ‘Value Journey’ to the Cloud

Cloud-based product suites like Office 365 let users switch on multiple applications with new levels of ease and speed. But helping them get the most value isn’t always as fast or easy.

Partner Success: Vigiglobe

Vigiglobe is a small France-based ISV that, in a relatively short time, has made a big impact in the still-formative social media analytics space.

Partner Success: QUADPROtech

In this case study, QUADROtech Director of Business Development Dan Langille outlines how to make the most out of the WPC experience.

How to connect with IT buyers

Connecting with potential customers is challenging our industry's crowded marketplace. So many vendors, so many solutions: when it's time to purchase an IT solution, how does a prospect decide?

How to use marketing automation to reach more customers and prospects

If knowledge is power, then knowledge of who your customers are, what they want, where to reach them, and what to say when you’ve got their attention is serious business power.

How to speak with today’s new technology buyer

In my recent travels I have discussed with many of you the shifting power structure within our customer’s making buying decisions.