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The reasons it is important to make sure you are indicated as the Digital Partner of Record for your customers are clear, and many partners deliver
How do you increase the stability of your business model while maintaining predictability in your cash flow?

The first month of the New year is a great time for innovation. January’s perfect for asking: What worked last year? What didn’t? And looking ahead, how can we innovate?

Partners who don’t already have a cloud strategy today have the opportunity to find an indirect partner that is fully supportive and can help produce healthy margins.

I often hear from partners that they admire Microsoft’s culture of innovation. And it’s true that we encourage experimentation and innovation at every level.

It’s another new year! And our charter on the Microsoft Partner Network readiness team is to help you meet your training and learning goals for the year.

If you aren’t already in Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, there’s never been a better time than now to get started.

How will you differentiate yourself from competitors in the coming year? To quote Russell Wilson, quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, “The Separation is in the Preparation.”

Bill Gates predicted a long-lasting trend in his well-known “Content is King” article, published almost exactly 20 years ago, when he claimed that content would reign as ruler of the digital market

If you’re a reseller trying to offer a range of cloud services and solutions on your own, or an ISV searching for customers, trust me, there’s a better way.

Like Spinal Tap’s famous Marshall amps — “These go to 11!” — the new Windows 10 operating system promises more power than most.

It’s nearing time to wrap up 2015, and in the spirit of the year-end lists that appear in multitude this time of year, we thought we should join in