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At 5nine Software, our business is Microsoft: the security and management software we develop is only for their products.

It’s not every day that an orthopedic surgeon and a registered physiotherapist seek an IT company to help them with pain.

You don’t draft memos on a typewriter — that’s yesterday’s technology. But when it comes to generating sales leads for your cloud services, are you still using yesterday’s marketing?

Solution providers are constantly being advised to move to the cloud, and as far as it goes, that’s good advice. But simply moving to the cloud isn’t enough.

Being a Microsoft Partner is about much more than justyour relationship with Microsoft. One of the most valuable assets that our network offers is one of the most underutilized: other partners in the network.

In a time when most companies were aggressively cutting back on new product development, Aditi found itself at a critical juncture. Survive by commoditizing their services or move to a niche and dominate a market.

Microsoft champions partner-to-partner collaboration; the concept thrives in its DNA. When Microsoft’s Steve Luper needed to create a tool for Azure partners, he turned to a Gold Cloud Platform partner: 10th Magnitude.

We know data loss is a serious issue. More often than not, it happens because employees unknowingly delete emails, folders, and files that are still relevant to the business.

The former traditional SI partner now charges an impressive $100 per user per month for their managed services, and forty to fifty percent of Ensyst’s customers are leveraging their managed services offering.

Want to provide comprehensive solutions, built on Microsoft technologies that cover your customers from server to cloud and on all devices?

At the recent Windows 10 devices briefing our CEO, Satya Nadella, made it clear: focusing on the person at the center of technology is essential to re-envisioning and improving it. I couldn’t agree more.

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