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One of the biggest changes partners often face as they move to the cloud is that there is no longer a big cash payout when a new customer is acquired.

While mastering new technology isn’t usually “easy,” accessing the training necessary to do so should be.

I hear the question all the time: does lead generation via the Web and social media actually work? The elusive, simple answer: yes.

Revenue is good. But recurring revenue? Even better. So how can solution providers get cloud revenues that recur — again and again?

Let’s say you’re a service provider, looking to maximize your cloud opportunities. If you could more easily….

Digital security is top of mind for anyone on the Internet, and for good reason. Not only are hackers more sophisticated, better organized, and better funded than ever...

Whether you’re just mapping out your cloud offerings, planning future staffing needs, or wondering how quickly you’ll be cash-flow positive in the cloud....

In our discussion with many customers, we see they are very excited by the fact that Windows will deliver innovation over time.

In one recent survey of 100 IT directors, for example, conducted earlier this year by IDG Research, nearly 85 percent of respondents said they’re either very or somewhat concerned

Looking for a powerful way to expand your cloud services offerings—while also strengthening your customer ties and increasing your company’s revenue? Consider training.

Customer advocacy means making your customers the hero of your marketing. You want to help them tell the story of how they faced a challenge and – with your help and some great technology solutions – overcame it to achieve great success.

Want to get your customers’ attention and loyalty, plus win new business and increase the value of your existing customers?