New Year, new skills

It’s another new year! And our charter on the Microsoft Partner Network readiness team is to help you meet your training and learning goals for the year.
Whatever those goals are, continuous learning is a great way to keep your skills sharp and give you an edge. This year, I encourage you to block training into your ‘to do’ list at least once per month.
And while that may sound like a challenge, keeping your resolutions and learning new skills this New Year is something you and your team can do.
Training resources for 2016
In 2016, focus remains on cloud. This means both learning about cloud and learning through the cloud.
To help you learn about cloud products and solutions, we’ve designed efficient trainings and user-friendly platforms. Here are a few ways you can get started:
  1. Study product and solutions via online training. Search on “cloud” in Partner University to access relevant trainings on our new online, cloud-based learning platform. You’ll find the new platform is more robust than our previous Partner Learning Center. I’m proud of the work our teams did to release this platform and look forward to adding more content to the Partner U as the months carry on.
  2. Get ready for the release of our new Cloud Roadshow this spring. Look for more details on this in an upcoming post.
  3. Resolve to tune in to our cloud profitability web series. Watch the webcasts on our Virtual Academy for tips on everything from managing your business transition to ways to earn even more once you’re well established in the cloud. For even more cloud tips, be sure to check out the Profitability Wednesday series, as well.
Making training cost-efficient
Finally, keep in mind that training for yourself and your team doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Here’s a look at money and time-saving offers on practice and certification exams you can leverage to make it happen:
  • Take MCP exams from virtually anywhere with our Online Exam Proctoring.
  • Get a free retake if you don’t pass an MCP exam with Second Shot.
  • Use MPN discount codes to save on eligible print and e-books in the Microsoft Press Store with MSPress Discounts.

Drive Innovation through knowledge

As a lifelong trainer and learner, I have a deep respect for curiosity and the innovation it can inspire. As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders on December 2nd, 2015:

This year, I hope you and your team leverage the resources and discounts Microsoft is offering so that you can drive even more innovation through your curiosity and the new skills you gain from exploring it! Here’s to a successful year ahead.