Optimizing a Channel Archive

SEO. SEM. PPC. SERP? An overwhelming amount of terms get thrown around in conversations about digital marketing.

The process required for recruiting channel partners is very similar to the process required for recruiting key positions in your company.

Building an indirect channel essentially requires the development of three basic frameworks: an ideal partner profile, a channel partner agreement, and a channel partner program.

We will illustrate the concept of channel as an integrated element of your product offering and value proposition through a short case study.

It is not only about your product, but about enabling your channel partners to build and scale a successful business model with your product as a key component of their customer value proposition.

The choice between serving customers directly through your own marketing and sales efforts or using independent channel partners is highly affected by the nature of your business model.

Sure, you’re providing great cloud solutions to your customers. But are your customers fully utilizing those solutions, getting the greatest possible payback from their investments?

It’s another new year! And our charter on the Microsoft Partner Network readiness team is to help you meet your training and learning goals for the year.

It’s nearing time to wrap up 2015, and in the spirit of the year-end lists that appear in multitude this time of year, we thought we should join in

You don’t draft memos on a typewriter — that’s yesterday’s technology. But when it comes to generating sales leads for your cloud services, are you still using yesterday’s marketing?

We know data loss is a serious issue. More often than not, it happens because employees unknowingly delete emails, folders, and files that are still relevant to the business.

I would like to share an excerpt from my recent presentation at WPC that I am particularly excited about;that is the opportunity for partners to partner with each other to grow their business