Beginning the P2P Journey Experience

Altec is a Gold Dynamics partner that offers mid-market enterprise document-management and workflow solutions, and we were recently introduced to the P2P Maturity Model and the opportunity to engage in a “P2P Journey Experience.” Fortunately, this happened at the same time we were looking to evolve our partnerships.

We have always worked closely with partners, and our channel model has continued to develop over the last few years. At the same time, we’re eager to explore new approaches that will benefit our partners and customers.

We first heard about the P2P Maturity Model at an IAMCP SoCal meeting. Altec did not have experience using the model, and we were excited about the opportunity to explore it in more depth. We’ve seen how much potential there is with the Microsoft channel. For us, success in the P2P Journey is gaining new tools and approaches to so that we can offer our partners an even better experience and expand the number of partners we work with in the Microsoft channel.

Important Functions

Altec is beginning the P2P journey with several important business functions that we hope to better support through partnerships:

Business Planning: Currently, Altec aligns its channel strategy to its business plans. But after reviewing this practice through the P2P model lens, we’ve identified an opportunity to revisit the strategy It’s simply good practice to be clear on the goals of our partnerships and what we want to achieve longer term. It allows us to clearly engage with existing and new partners.

Marketing and Resources: Altec is a Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CFMD) partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development. For this reason, we’re interested to see how the P2P model and related assets can help us further leverage these competencies in the market and grow our business with partners.

Expanding with Cloud: Microsoft continues to expand and improve its Azure service. And as Altec harnesses the power of the cloud, we’ll leverage the P2P framework to build a new channel while also strengthening our existing relationships.

Our next step in the P2P Journey will be to complete a P2P Maturity Model Assessment.  We want to leverage our strengths and find out what other resources we can tap into. That way, we’ll have a comprehensive channel program, and Microsoft partners will clearly see the benefits of working with us.