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3 Industrial IoT Predictions For Partners In 2016

FreeWave Technologies, a Boulder, Colo.-based industrial machine-to-machine and IoT wireless networking solution provider, released predictions for Industrial IoT in 2016. Read them here, along with their potential implications for solution providers interested in IoT.

Blog Roundup: 3 Views From VARs

What’s on the minds of VARs and other solution providers? In this roundup of recent blog posts, read perspectives on Windows server migrations, hyperconvergence and how the Internet of Things can help your local government.

Ransomware: How To Deal With It - And Defeat It

How can security solution providers fight the growing threat of ransomware? Two top-level executives with endpoint security vendor SentinelOne offer a rundown of what you need to know about it, and what options you can weigh to reverse ransomware's ill effects on your clients.