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Hiring Best Practices: How Do You Attract Top Talent? Slide Share

With the recent controversy over Amazon’s workplace culture, it’s clear that hiring the right candidate can make or break a business — and the employee. Recruiting top talent has always been a priority for most organizations, but in today’s talent war, it’s getting fierce. Our September Upload Campaign focuses … Read More..

The 12 Factors That Reveal Your Company Culture (and Allow You to Hire Better) Recruiting with LinkedIn Blog

I just wrote a post suggesting Amazon doesn’t have a culture problem; it has a hiring problem. The idea being that a company’s culture is not defined by its people but by its competition, its environment and its inability to hire the right people. Given this, you need to hire people who fit and work within the real culture, not the imaginary one described by the utopians in HR. Define Your Real Culture by Considering These 12 Drivers 1. The CEO sets the tone: Consider Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Jobs, Cook, Bezos, Page, Ellison, Gates and all of the other CEOs […]

EMC Restructuring Means Job Cuts Here, Hiring There Dice - News

Storage giant EMC has announced a restructuring that will involve about 1,000 job cuts, though with simultaneous hiring the company expects to end up with the same headcount as before, or even “slightly more.” EMC had 60,000 employees at the start of the year. The restructuring is “almost a mirror image of what we did last year,” David Goulden, CEO of EMC’s Information Infrastructure business, said during the company’s quarterly earnings call. In May, EMC said it would cut 1,004… continue...The post EMC Restructuring Means Job Cuts Here, Hiring There appeared first on Dice News.